Ceramic Expert

Ceramic Expert
Prime Group is now a leading company in the construction materials industry in Vietnam with more than 4,400 employees and 16 affiliated companies. As a Group with a wide variety of products from Tiles, Roofing Tiles, Water heater to tile accessories, Prime commits to adhere to the principles of corporate governance, reaching to sustainable development.
In 2020, with the mission of being “Ceramic Expert - Ceramic Expert, we want to bring the most suitable and practical products to Vietnamese consumers.
To become "Ceramic Expert", we focus on development based on 5 main factors:
1. "World class quality ": Prime tile products meet international standards proven by Quality certificates.

2. "Advanced Technology -R & D": Prime uses "Advanced Technology" with research and development "R&D" to ensure maximum function of each product such as anti-slip, decorative, garden….

3. "Trend setter ": we always play the role of "Trend setter", launching diverse collections of styles, catching up with design trends of Europe and the world.
4. "Installation standard": In order to bring to the consumer the best paving surface with perfect design space, we have not forgotten to complete the "Installation standard". solutions as well as tile supporting products.
5. “Better wellness”: we bring to our customers a complete tile solution package, bringing better quality of space and life with the message “Better wellness”.
With this new motto of action, Prime promises to bring to customers a comprehensive construction solution package to improve the quality of life while contributing to building a better life.
Summarized by Nguyễn Thị Thúy Hằng - Phòng Marketing  Communication - Prime Group

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